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Certified HANAFSAN CBD oils for pets

Our HANAFSAN CBD oils have been developed in collaboration with veterinarians and pet owners and are specially designed for cats and dogs.

DogThese products contain a mixture of cold pressed organic hempseed oil and salmon oil. The organic hempseed oil contains the cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD) in various concentrations, depending on the product. Your pet will love these natural oils, thanks to the “fishy nutty” flavor. Main components besides CBD are essential omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, as well as antioxidant vitamin E. We dispense with the use of flavor-enhancing additives and preservatives and manufacture our products at the Dr. Feurstein Medical Hemp GmbH pharmaceutical plant in the Vorarlberg Rhine Valley.
3% HANAFSAN CBD Oil for dogs and cats is suitable for smaller pets whose body weight is less than 10 kg. 10% HANAFSAN CBD Oil is suitable for larger pets over 10 kg. We guarantee that all HANAFSAN CBD Oils are THC free

The effect of CBD oils on pets

Cannabinoids, and therefore also CBD, can be beneficial not only for humans, but for all other mammals, too. But what happens when CBD is used on dogs, cats and horses? From a pharmacological point of view, CBD binds to receptors in the body`s endocannabinoid system, where it causes certain cellular responses. It is known that the endocannabinoid system regulates functions such as sleep, the cell cycle, pain and neuronal processes, among others. Since, as mentioned above, all mammals have this endocannabinoid system, the effects and areas of application are similar in humans and animals. However, it should also be noted that the number of veterinary studies regarding the therapeutic use of CBD in animals is relatively small.
With regard to the medical use of cannabidiol in humans, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the German Medicinal Product Codex (DAC) describe the active ingredient CBD as safe, and regard its effects among other things as anxiolytic, analgesic, anticonvulsant and anti-inflammatory. The effectiveness of CBD in the treatment of rare forms of epilepsy has already been clinically proven. Meanwhile, the number of reports from animal owners, dog trainers and veterinarians has become rather large, and is steadily increasing. It has been documented that for instance dogs with high anxiety levels and animals with rheumatic complaints, pain and epilepsy can benefit from the natural active ingredient CBD.
In addition to the valuable ingredient CBD, the HANAFSAN carrier oil (an organic hemp seed-salmon oil mixture) should be given some attention. For example, the vitamin E in organic hemp seed oil helps to eliminate harmful free radicals. The omega 3 and 6 fatty acid ratio is ideal and balanced. There is a good reason why hemp seed oil is considered to be one of the healthiest oils.

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Current legal situation and use of CBD products on animals

There is currently no approval for medicinal products containing CBD in Europe. In the United States, however, a drug of this type (FDA approved) has been on the market since 2018 for the treatment of rare forms of epilepsy. Therefore, medical CBD products can only be issued for your four-legged friend in individual cases, on a magistral prescription from a veterinarian. Within this legal framework, the dispensing of medical products prescribed by a veterinarian is possible and permitted in pharmacies. Outside of this legal framework, CBD products may only be dispensed and used for non-medical purposes, for example in care products.

Typesetting and printing errors reserved. The health claims described are not related to our HANAFSAN products.

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