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Hemp protein - the superfood

Bio Hanf Protein Shake - Vanille

Hemp protein is called a superfood for good reason, and is swiftly becoming popular among health-conscious people, vegans and athletes - e.g in protein shakes and smoothies. Athletes in training get particular benefits from the complete hemp protein.

The world of fitness and health is complex and full of questions, and the list of things to do or not to do is endless. One thing, however, is clear: a protein-rich diet is the key to effective and successful training. Generally speaking, proteins with a wide variety of functions - from biochemically active enzymes to components of muscle building and fat burning - are vital to us and must be actively supplied through food.

Valuable vegetable proteins from hemp

Proteins can be of vegetable and/or animal origin. As a rule, we get enough proteins through eating a balanced diet. The question rather concerns the quality, origin and extent of our protein intake. The physical need depends strongly on each individual’s living conditions (on whether you are a "couch potato" or a top athlete). Anyone interested in proteins in terms of nutritional supplements will notice that there is an endless list of different protein manufacturers. A wide range of products is offered on the internet, in supermarkets, health food stores and gyms. But how can you ultimately find the right product?
The easiest way to start is to make a classification according to the protein sources, i.e. the raw material from which the protein powder is made. As mentioned before, there are animal sources such as milk and meat, as well as vegetable protein sources such as soy and hemp. Hemp? Yes, you read that right. Hemp, or rather products that are obtained from the hemp seed, are called "superfoods” for good reason. This name is new. However, there is proof that hemp has been used as food for thousands of years.

Hemp protein shakes - the healthy alternative

Hemp protein shakes are the latest discovery and are becoming increasingly popular due to their numerous benefits. Anyone who chooses organic quality products can be sure that this organic protein is basically free of quantifiable pesticide residues and heavy metals, as only a few pesticides are even permitted for cultivation according to EU regulations.
Hemp protein is obtained from hemp seeds. These in turn are formed in the flowers of the plant, and harvested in the autumn of each year. Among other things, hemp seeds are used to produce hemp seed oil. The approximately 30% of the raw material remaining after pressing is referred to as the “hemp cake“. This hemp cake consists of protein and fiber. Various separation methods result in products with different levels of protein or fiber, which can be then used as supplements for athletes and vegans, but also for baking.
As quinoa, hemp protein is one of the few complete proteins, which means that in addition to non-essential amino acids, it also contains all the nine essential amino acids that can only be ingested through food. This property makes the protein from the crop plant hemp extremely special and distinguishes it from other vegetable proteins, where one or the other essential amino acid is missing or only occurs at a very low level. Everyone has heard of the term amino acid, but what do these acids actually do in our bodies?
As already described, the amino acids are the individual components of proteins. Different proteins are created, depending on the arrangement of the amino acids (the arrangement is determined by the genetic code). These proteins carry out a variety of functions in the human body. Important for training - amino acids play an important role and are largely responsible for muscle building and repair. On the one hand, muscles develop naturally during regular training. On the other hand, small tears or damages to the existing muscle can occur during active training. The amino acids are, so to speak, the nutrients needed to repair the tears and damages. In short, we need proteins both before and after training in order to provide the body with energy and build muscle, but also to support the healing of our muscles after hard training sessions. It should also be emphasized that hemp protein is gluten and lactose free. This makes it extremely well tolerated. High consumption of other protein sources often leads to bloating or diarrhea. These negative side effects have not been observed even with high intake of hemp protein.
For many customers, the taste of protein shakes also plays an important role, and the following applies: The hemp protein has no reason to hide. Hemp protein has a very natural flavor, often described as slightly earthy, nutty and not too sweet. According to experience reports, many people quickly find the right ratio for personal use, as well as a suitable flavor. Nobody should be put off, but instead consider the importance of choosing a high-quality product according to your own taste.
In cereals or shakes (with milk, soy milk, almond milk or water), after visiting the gym or to increase the protein content in your baked goods - try it, enjoy it and benefit from it!

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